Embracing the Season of Slowing Down

As the temperatures drop, the Western Hemisphere prepares for a season of change. For some, it’s the anticipation of the holiday season, a time of joy and celebration. For others, it may be a time of reflection, a reminder of what once was. And for many of us, it’s a period filled with hope and promise as we imagine the coming year.


It is also a time when hustle and bustle become the norm, when in actuality, there’s a collective need to slow down, take stock, and reconnect with ourselves. It’s a time to pause and ask those important questions: “Is this the way I want to be?” and “Is there another way for me in 2024?”


The change in weather, the change of the clock, and the change of the year are great invitations to slow down to reflect on and appreciate what is of value to us individually and collectively.


I, too, am embracing this call for a slower pace, a time to savor the beauty that the cooler season brings. A time to savor as much daylight as I can in these shortened days.  It’s an opportunity to take a break from the fast-paced world we often find ourselves in. For many, it’s a chance to experience the warmth of family and friends, and for some, it’s a time to find solace and healing.


As we approach the end of the year, I’ve decided to slow down my blog posting schedule as well. Instead of twice a month, I’ll be sharing my thoughts once a month. This decision comes from a desire to fully immerse myself in this season of slowing down, to cherish precious moments with loved ones, and to give more attention to self-reflection, self-care, and creative meandering.


I invite you to do the same. Take this time to explore what it means to truly care for yourself as 2024 approaches. It might be through mindfulness practices, spending quality time with loved ones, or simply finding moments of stillness to reflect on your journey.


Speaking of time, my newly upgraded Evergreen Bundle for Overcoming the Mother Wound (OCMW) is at a discounted price for a limited time. You have immediate access to the course, and in early 2024, your first three months of the membership will be included.


Please share your thoughts in the Facebook “OCMW Group”, a community where you can connect with others who share the desire to slow down, reflect, and care for themselves. It’s a space to share your experiences, insights, and inspirations as we navigate the remainder of 2023 together.


In a world that often moves at lightning speed, embracing this season of slowing down can be a precious gift to ourselves. So, take a deep breath, soak in the beauty of the changing season, and let’s journey together as we welcome the remainder of 2023 with intention, self-care, and a heart full of hope.


Warm regards,

Mari Grande

We are all beings of light on this blue planet, here to shine love on ourselves and each other. 



Art Prompt – “Your World”



Pen or Pencil

Dinner size place or Compass

Colored pencils, crayons, or markers



  1. Draw a large circle using the dinner plate or compass on the paper.
  2. Draw a representation (image, shape, color…) of yourself in or on the circle.
  3. Draw a representation (image, shape, color…) of people you want in or on your circle.
  4. Draw a representation (image, shape, color…) of anything you want in or on your circle.
  5. Color your circle (world) using colors that most appeal to you.
  6. Take a few minutes and be with your “world” see what you notice or what spontaneously comes to you.
  7. Enjoy


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