Are you a Clinical Social Worker, Creative Arts Therapist, EMDR Therapist, or Trauma Therapist looking for guidance? I’m here to help. Whether you’re seeking clinical insights, supervision hours, or consultation support, I can offer professional help that’s rooted in research, specialized training, and years of clinical experience. 


A 1 on 1 consultation is a great option for a robust clinical consultation. We will work together to understand your needs, concerns, and potential areas for growth. Group consultation is also an option when available, please contact me to inquire about that.


Art Therapy Consultation


Let’s work together to breathe new life into your practice. I bring my years of training and experience as a Creative Arts Therapist to illuminate the most effective techniques, theoretical approaches, and styles. We’ll discuss the lenses you use to view your client, how you approach your materials, and how to integrate your unique style in order to best meet your client needs.

EMDR Consultation


As an Approved EMDR Consultant, I’m passionate about broadening the practice of this powerful technique. EMDR is an effective approach to trauma work that empowers clients to remember, resolve, and retain insights that enhance the healing progress. Whether you’re curious about EMDR or are in the process of certification, I will meet you where you’re at and offer helpful insights.

Daughters of Critical Mothers Consultation


Working with clients living with an unhealed Mother Wound takes special care and clinical consideration. Gleaning from years of experience, I offer insight and guidance to clinicians looking to deepen their work with women suffering from a disruptive relationship with their mother. From diving into the signs and symptoms to providing attachment theory psychoeducation, we’ll discuss best practices and how best to support this population. This group is also a great support if your client is part of the Daughters of Critical Mothers program.


Trauma Therapy Consultation


Being a trauma therapist requires a large toolbox, and an immense amount of support and learning. Whether this comes in the form of guidance, resources, tips, or a strong sounding board, my consultation services will be your guide as you build your clinical repertoire. We’ll work together to assess your current approach and integrate fresh ideas.

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