Welcome to Therapist Consultation Services

Are you a Clinical Social Worker, Creative Arts Therapist, EMDR Therapist, or Trauma Therapist seeking professional guidance and support? I am here to offer my expertise and help you excel in your practice. Whether you’re looking for clinical insights, supervision hours, or consultation support, I provide personalized assistance rooted in research, specialized training, and years of clinical experience.


Individual Consultation Services

Art Therapy Consultation

Let’s breathe new life into your art therapy practice. Drawing from my years of training and experience as a Creative Arts Therapist, I will illuminate effective techniques, theoretical approaches, and styles. We’ll discuss how you view your clients through different lenses, how you approach materials, and how to integrate your unique style to meet your clients’ specific needs.

EMDR Consultation

As an Approved EMDR Consultant, I’m passionate about broadening the practice of this powerful trauma therapy technique. Whether you’re curious about EMDR or in the process of certification, I will meet you where you’re at and offer helpful insights to empower your clients’ healing journey.


Group Consultation Services

Overcoming the Mother Wound for Clinicians

Working with clients living with an unhealed Mother Wound requires special care and clinical consideration. Drawing from my extensive experience, I offer insight and guidance to clinicians looking to deepen their work with adults suffering from early disruptive relationships with those in charge of their care, often their mothers. From understanding signs and symptoms to providing attachment theory psychoeducation, we’ll discuss best practices to support this population and ways to work with topics including countertransference, projections, and breaches of boundaries. Knowing how to work with this population needs special attention and care, not only for the client but also for the clinician. This is a supportive, confidential space to share, practice, and explore our and our client’s needs.

This group consultation is a great support for clinicians working with C-PTSD, a most challenging and rewarding clientele to work with.


Please contact Mari for more details.

Integrative Trauma Consultation for EMDR Therapists  

As an EMDR trauma therapist, you need a diverse toolbox and a supportive learning environment. This group consultation integrates various approaches to trauma work. We’ll discuss cases, therapeutic techniques, and the best ways to support your clients. I’ll provide guidance and resources and serve as a strong sounding board, helping you build your clinical repertoire. This group fosters growth and stimulates ideas and approaches, allowing each clinician to identify their unique clinical identity and niche. While this group will not count toward clinical hours, it offers valuable support for therapists wanting to enhance their practice using personalized approaches.

Meet every other Tuesday 11 am-12:30 pm.

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