Overcoming the Mother Wound

Do you have a voice inside telling you “you’re not good enough” or “nobody likes you” and feeling you’ll never measure up? Well, you are not alone.

Early experiences influence who we are, and mother is often a part of those experiences that form who we are, how we think, and what we believe.

This group unpacks our internal relationship we have with ourselves, and in relation to others.

The group is a place to find support, insight, and healing.

A place to be seen, heard, and understood.

This is a place to be with your feelings while being in the presence of others who have the same or similar experiences and want extra support.

We can understand, release, and heal in a supportive space.

This can include sharing, writing, art-making, and more.

This therapy group is currently unavailable. If you are interested in other Overcoming the Mother Wound (OCMW) programs, please visit our OCMW page.


Suggested Reading

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Overcoming the Mother Wound: A Transformative Journey of Healing and Empowerment

This book is your compassionate guide in the profound journey of self-discovery and healing. Follow a well-tested method that delicately navigates the depths of your emotions, experiences, and beliefs with empathy and support.

Through carefully designed exercises and prompts, you’ll embark on a unique journey to uncover and appreciate parts of yourself that may have remained unexplored.

Central to this journey is using art and creative prompts as tools for self-knowledge and discovery. Whether you are an artist or enjoy artistry, this book invites you to connect with the transmutative forces of creativity for self-expression and healing.

Filled with practical and embodied practices, this book provides a versatile toolkit for insights, exercises, and support as you navigate the intricate terrain of the Mother Wound.

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