There is a time in our life when we say ENOUGH; we are overwhelmed by our own expectations, defeated by our internal dialogue, and stuck in our self-limiting patterns. 

In this challenging cycle, we feel frustrated at work, disappointed in love, and confused about how to come back to our Self. 

Do you find yourself saying, I can’t do this alone?

If you are tired of repeating the same mistakes, going through the same motions, and not feeling connected to your own experiences, it may be time for change.

Taking the step to seek Individual Psychotherapy is a chance to unpack your load, sort out your worries, and revisit your dreams in a safe and supportive relationship.

I will walk alongside you, guiding beyond your adult experience and connecting with the parts of yourself and the integrated experiences you have not fully understood.

Using holistic techniques and a client-centered approach, we will connect with the inner parts that have been pushed to the side out of self-preservation and protection. With gentleness and compassion, we’ll rediscover the playfulness of the Inner Child, tap into the individuality of the Inner Teen, and understand the complex dynamics of the Internalized Family. 

Child Therapy

Inner Child Therapy

As a child we plunge feet first into thoughts, feelings, and questions about our world. These early years are full of curiosity and a steady need for gentle guidance as we process our experiences. 

The ways that our parent figures showed up for us in these early years forms our understanding of ourselves and our place in the world. When care is inconsistent, it leaves a lasting imprint on Inner Child parts and a deep yearning to be seen, known, and understood. 

We can discover lasting healing by looking to the wise Inner Child part for messages about the fabric of our being. By tuning in to these formative parts, we provide the care that was missing and reintegrate a fully supported child into our Self. 

Using techniques like Art Therapy, Play Therapy, and EMDR, we reopen the door to childlike joy, curiosity, and self compassion.

Inner Teen Therapy

The teenage years are characterized by the need for a voice and a sense of individuality. This crucial and defining time in our lives solidifies our concept of Self as we develop our independence, explore our desires, and test the boundaries between ourselves and others. 

In the midst of these pursuits of self development, adolescents look to their caregivers for validation and encouragement. Both yearning to know that they’re capable and needing to know they’re not alone, the teenager forms the foundation for our self-worth and ability to trust ourselves and others. 

When the teen doesn’t receive adequate assurance, it leaves a confused and skeptical Inner Teen in its wake. Instead of a fully developed voice and sense of individuality, the Inner Teen might feel uncertain, insecure, or unworthy. 

In Individual Psychotherapy, we look to the Inner Teen to understand our interpersonal and intrapersonal experiences in adulthood. We seek to understand how our adolescent years shaped the ways we approach our desires, relationships, and life challenges. 

Building upon our connection to our Inner Child parts, we empower the Inner Teen to shine and rediscover our voice, our dreams, and a confidence in the aspects that make us unique. 

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Family Therapy

Internalized Family Therapy

In an ideal world, family would be a safe and secure container, a place where we know we are seen and loved exactly as we are. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen. Communication fails, trauma is transferred, and the family dynamic becomes a source of deep pain and confusion. 

The wounds that we carry from our familial relationships become internalized, showing up in nearly every aspect of our life. Frustrations and lack of satisfaction at work, in relationships, and in ourselves often tie back into the beliefs we carry from our Internalized Family. 

I offer holistic tools and techniques to help you connect to these internalized experiences and break free from the limiting beliefs and patterns. Working alongside the Inner Child and Inner Teen parts, we can untangle the tapestry of your family dynamic and sort through what you want to keep, change, or repurpose in your life. 

This important work uncovers the understanding that is needed for compassion and healing, giving you the freedom to recreate an internal dynamic that is safe and secure.

Couples Therapy

Being part of a relationship can be one of the most warm, wonderful, and life affirming experiences. 

It can also stir up all kinds of feelings and identifications of who you are, where you came from, and the ways you’ve internalized your family dynamic.  

Sometimes our ideas about Self can stick, distort, or inhibit the ability to maintain healthy relationships. Without understanding, we’re unable to work through and move beyond the patterns that keep us from experiencing lasting relational joy. 

If this is an area you need help with, I offer a safe and non judgmental space to unpack your relationship experience. We will bring in aspects of the Inner Child, Inner Teen, and Internalized Family to understand the dynamic and discover the root of the trouble spots.

Couples Therapy