There is a time in our life when we say ENOUGH; we are overwhelmed and stressed out by our own expectations, frustrated at work, disappointed in love.

Do you say I can’t do this alone?

If you are tired of repeating the same mistakes, going through the same motions, and not feeling connected to your own experiences it may be time for change.

Working individually is a chance to unpack your load, sort out your worries, and revisit your dreams in a safe and supportive relationship.

When we work individually, we often connect with parts of ourselves and our experiences we have not fully understood.

We may connect with a Child or Teen part, or maybe our internalized Family is more present than we want them to be?

Perhaps a relationship is still influencing us?

These are the things that we can explore in therapy together.

Coming to therapy can be a real life changer. It is also a commitment.

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Child Therapy

As a child we have many thoughts, feelings, and questions about their world. We need to know our parents are curious about who we are and what we think and feel.

Sometimes this is not enough, especially not when life presents challenges and upsets we never planned. We may have needed more help through difficulties than we realized.

Art and Play Therapy helps children, what does that look like for an adult?

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Therapy for Teens

Teens need a voice and a sense of individuality. This is another crucial and defining time our in lives as human beings.

Teens also need to know their caretakers are in their lives, but in a way that helps them learn to do things on their own without feeling alone.

What were your teen years like?

The dynamic between parents and teens also shapes our world view.


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Family Therapy

Family Therapy

Family is supposed to mean enjoying time together and apart, knowing each of you will be there for each other. This doesn’t always happen. You want to collaborate, but communication fails. Our internalized families often need repair and healing.

I offer tools to help you connect to what is internalized from your familial relationships. This way, we can focus and untangle what you want to keep, change, or repurpose in these relationships.

We do this at a safe, comfortable pace with a commitment to learning how to listen to one another.

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Couples Therapy

Being part of a relationship can be a most wonderful experience.

It can also stir up all kinds of feelings and identifications of who you are or who you thought you were.

Sometimes these ideas about Self can stick, distort, or inhibit you in other areas of your life.

If this is an area you need help with, an area you have internalized, this is the place to hang out with those experiences in a safe, non judgmental zone.

When communication fails, even to yourself, and old ways of being don’t work I can help.

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